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Rollga® Foam Rollers

PRESS RELEASE: The Rollga Roller wins EDITOR'S CHOICE in RUNNERS WORLD MAGAZINE 2018! Recover faster and hit just the right spots with body fitting grooves!

The Rollga Roller is self-care and fitness product that's not just for Runners...

- Ultimate in Self Massage, caresses your body and manipulates soft tissue like a massage therapist.

- Makes a great workout companion to add instability, challenges and Functional Movement Training.

- Perfect Prop for your Yoga practice.

- Round Ends for more of everything.

- Upgraded Foam Roller... The Best Foam Roller Ever, Guaranteed!

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Easy to follow instructions (Free APP) done in a progressive way to help you move better. A self-massage with instant feedback to feel better.

Guaranteed the most effective and comfortable foam roller you will ever own! Rollga is a cross-directional foam roller designed to stabilize the hips, align the back, and increase range-of-motion. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for muscle recovery, fascial health, and functional restoration of movement. Ordinary foam rollers cause discomfort and pain due to the unfitting design. This groovy foam roller is designed and contoured to fit your body and reach Trigger & Acupressure points that are difficult to reach with an ordinary roller. At 18 inches, Rollga is big enough to treat your whole body and small enough to fit in your backpack.